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Employer policies are the very foundation of managerial decision-making. However, so many organizations today simply don’t have good policies in place that actually make sense, are easy to understand–and supervisors can actually enforce.

At RPC, we have a simpler way for smaller employers to get good policies in place to provide a firm foundation for decision-making and to foster a high-performing organizational culture.   We have handbook templates you can work with, to build your handbook into a workable document for your organization, regardless of whether you are a small employer with fewer than 50 employees or a larger organization with over 50 employees.

These employee handbook templates are in an easy-to-edit format so you can utilize our existing policies and tailor them to your own organization.  And, you can add unique sections such as your organizational values, founding principles, and unique policies such as a company vehicle policy or an on-site fitness center policy. Furthermore, you may want to include an organizational chart, (organogram for our European clients), operational hours, and other sections that are unique to your organization. Our template is approximately 65 pages, very comprehensive and has all of the contemporary policies that an employer needs. With our handbook templates, we take the hard work out of the process and make it easy for you, because it provides a firm foundation upon which to expand and save HR a ton of time! Our employee handbook template for less than 50 employees is just $795.  And, our employee handbook template for over 50 employees is just $895.

Having a solid employee handbook with sound policies helps tremendously with risk management.   Why? Organizations today that don’t’ have policies that are easily enforceable by supervisors and managers leave a lot of room for “interpretation.” And, when there is interpretation there are variances in how organizational policies are applied.   These variances are what lead to claims of discrimination based on protected characteristics such as race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, and so on.

If you already have your own employee handbook, but just need some help in crafting an individual policy, such as a social media policy, we can help with that too. And, we can provide you with expertise in what the right policy should be for your organization and its unique culture.

For more information on our handbook templates, please contact us at info@rpchr.com or at (800) 517-7129.